Monday, June 21, 2010

Running Documentaries on My 'Must See' List

Award-winning, Inspirational and Powerful. The documentary of Terry Hitchcock, who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days. Narrated by Billy Bob Thornton.

Indulgence: 1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky features ultra-marathon phenom Anton Krupicka in a high-definition running film inspired by mountain ski and bike films. The film will offer the viewer a first-hand look at Anton's life as he trains in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California during the summer of 2007. The film's presentation will reflect Anton's simple approach to life and running and his continued pursuit of this minimalist ideal amidst the expectations of modern society. Anton (Tony) Krupicka is one of the young stars of ultra-running in the US. His 2006 wins at the Leadville 100 miler and Leadville, Estes Park, and American Discovery Trail Marathon as well as his 2007 wins at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler, Collegiate Peaks 50 miler, and Leadville 100 miler make him a rising star on the ultra circuit. Nominated for an Everest Award in 2007, Anton continues to train in hopes of increasing his presence in the ultra scene. A minimalist in running and life, Anton strives for simplicity. He graduated in 2005 from the Colorado College and is currently pursuing a master's degree (geology) at Montana State University while running as much as possible.

The Western States Endurance Run is an ultra-marathon that starts near Squaw Valley, California and winds 100 miles through the Sierra Nevada mountains along an old gold mining trail. Competitors face 100+ degree heat, 18,000 feet of elevation gain, and the dangers of running in the dead of night. Michelle has two teenage daughters, a loving husband, a dog, a cat, a successful surgical sales company, and an endless pile of laundry. She's about to turn 40. Her life is so busy, she can't remember what she did for her last birthday. This year she'll remember. If you love running, you'll love this film. Whether a 71 year old cancer survivor, a housewife or an elite athlete, we all have to make difficult choices and sacrifices to achieve anything of significance. Join us on a journey that pushes the human body and mind mentally, physically, and spiritually. Running time: 67 minutes.

On September 13, 2008, Running The Sahara's Charlie Engle teamed up with Ultra-Marathoner Marshall Ulrich for their next expedition - to push their physical and mental limits. This time the challenge was running 3,069 miles in 45 days, from San Francisco to Times Square in New York City. To accomplish this record breaking milestone, the two runners would have to average close to seventy miles each day. Running America captures one of the most defining and difficult years in American history as the backdrop for an amazing and unpredictable expedition. Running time: 86 minutes.

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