Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And the money starts to roll in...

Well, today I started collecting money for the Melissa Villapando Memorial Scholarship! I am taking pledges and I placed a donation jar in the cafeteria of the law school for people who want to throw in some money. I have also been handing out letters to all the students explaining my run. Additionally, I have been going around to all the professors' offices (since they are the ones with the money!) and soliciting donations from them. The response has been quite positive. People seem to be intrigued at the idea of running 100 miles. Professor Watts, my Constitutional Law professor asked me if I was crazy. He made sure to pledge money to my cause! Tomorrow I will hand out more letters and I will hit up more professors. If things continue as they are, i should reach my goal of $500 by the time I run Cactus Rose. $500 is one scholarship. That will be such a blessing for a family out there who want to send their child to a good Catholic high school, but who find the tuition a little too much to bear. This money will help them afford the education they deserve.

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