Friday, December 31, 2010

Final List of New Year's Resolutions - Here we GO!

1. Lose some weight, get lean (130 is the goal)
2. Go vegan
3. Half marathon challenge - run (and/or walk) at least 13.1 miles a day, everyday for 365 days straight. Can split up run when necessary
4. Run at least one 30 mile long run every other week
5. Do 50 crunches a day, everday
6. No more drinking
7. Complain less
8. Sign up for, run, and complete at least three 100 mile races this year (Leadville, Rocky Raccoon and a third)
9. Get published in Ultrarunning Magazine and/or Trail Running Magazine and/or Marathon & Beyond Magazine
10. Write at least 15 posts per month on my blog
11. Run the length of the Grand Canyon over spring break R2R2R (Negotiable due to lack of money. Leadville takes priority)
12. Document food intake on iPad food counter on a daily basis
13. Document run progress on blog on a daily basis
14. Document food intake on blog on a weekly basis
15. Document run progress on blog on a weekly basis

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