Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack!

Now that finals are over, I can get back to writing on here on a more regular basis. Suddenly, the world seems so full of possibilities and options! In fact, I just may make that the theme of the month: options and possibilities, possibilities and options!

Speaking of possibilities, I have been working on my racing plans for the upcoming year. I am definitely doing Rocky Raccoon 100. I also want to sign up for - are you ready? - Leadville 100. Really want to do Cactus Rose 100 again. But, I need something to do for Spring Break. I was thinking of going out to the Grand Canyon and doing R2R2R. I hear it is a very spiritual run.

Lot's of good stuff coming up on the blog. I have some fun stories I am working on, including the continuation of the story of Lisa Smith-Batchen's 2500 mile run through America. I also have some interviews with other runners coming up.

I am happy to announce that my interview with Lisa Smith-Batchen is being published by Marathon & Beyond Magazine in the August edition. Far off, but hey, it's something! Also, The Running Review chosen to publish the story on their website. It's nice to have some readers.

In keeping with the theme of options and possibilities, I have added a fun little poll on here. It is on the left-hand side of the screen. So, you are 75 miles into a 100 mile race. What do you grab at the next aid station? Click on your preference and let's see what the results are.

Stay tuned for more content, and happy running!

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