Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Abs Workout Program (Week 2)

I have completed the first two weeks of my abs workout program. As I mentioned before, this initial phase is all about strengthening the abdominal wall and building a solid foundation for future abs workouts. Indeed, I do feel a difference. There is a pleasant soreness in my abs almost every morning. And I feel like my core is getting stronger.

Some notations on the program: during the first two weeks, I incorporated three exercises with the medicine ball. I have since discovered that those exercises are beyond my capabilities at this time. Thus, I have taken them out of the program. I will incorporate them back in when I feel ready for the challenge.

Here is week two:

Description of exercises:

Modified knee raises: Lie on the floor on your back, hands under your butt (palms down), elbows out (so small of your back is pressed against the floor), head up (chin to chest), shoulder blades off the floor. Bend your knees, resting your feet flat on the floor. From this modified position, use your lower abs to draw your knees to your chest. Then lower your legs until your heels lightly touch the floor. Repeat.

: Lie on your back, knees up and both feet on the floor. Cross your left leg over the right leg. Rest your ankle just below the knee, making a triangle with your legs. Right hand goes behind your ear, elbow straight out. Rest head and elbow on floor. Place your left hand on your right side (over your abs). From this position, use your abs to raise and twist your right shoulder toward your opposite knee. Then, lower your torso back towards the floor. Repeat. Reverse the procedure for the opposite side.

Crunches: Knees up: Lie on back and raise legs so your thighs are perpendicular to your body, placing your calves and feet parallel to the floor and hands in position of choice. From this position, use your upper abs to raise your shoulders and back off the floor in a forward-curling motion. Then, lower your torso to the starting position, lightly touching your shoulder blades to the floor. Repeat.

Week 2
(Days 1 and 2)

1. Modified knee raises----15 reps----45 sec. rest
2. Crossovers-----15 reps----45 sec. rest
3. Crunches: Knees up----15 reps----45 sec. rest

(Days 3 and 4)

1. Modified knee raises----20 reps----45 sec. rest
2. Crossovers-----20 reps----45 sec. rest
3. Crunches: Knees up----20 reps----45 sec. rest

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