Monday, April 16, 2012

Training Diary, Day 1

Well, I am signed up for the Mogollon Monster 100 on September 25, in Pine, AZ. It's going to be a fun race. But I need to get my ass into gear with my training. I want to run this 100 miler and I want to run it well. No excuses. Just solid running. I have time to prepare. From here on out, I will post my daily training on my blog. If I am the only one who reads this, then that is fine, too, because at least I am holding myself accountable. Let the fun begin!

5.52 mi; 1:13:15; 13:16 mi/min; 500 cals; road run, some hills, around Burbank. A cop stopped me and asked me about my Hoka Shoes. Think I sold a pair to him!

4.5 mi; 1:00:00; -- mi/min; 450 cals; road walk/run around Burbank. Ran with purple mohawk guy behind me. Feel unfit, but optimistic and charged. This run was just about hitting a daily mileage goal.

2.5 mi; 34:31:26; 13:49 min/mi; 250 cals; run/walk with the tire. Cool, breezy, cloudy day. Pretty sunset!

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