Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Me and My Tire

Quick update on my running tire: a few days ago, it was stolen. That's right. Someone stole my running tire. And I know who it was, too. You see, I ran downtown with my tire, all the way up Broadway St., and to the Witte Museum, and the start of the Riverwalk Trail - a total of about 7 miles. Well, I left my precious carriage in an empty parking garage to run he Riverwalk Trail, with every intention of coming back to get my tire once I was done running the trail. And as I was leaving, I noticed a security guard parked in the empty garage. I even waved at the devil.

Well, when I returned, my tire was gone. Gone! My baby! I love my running tire! We have had some adventures. I know some people who say running with a tire is pointless. To them, I say fooey. I am a fan, and I always will be. I searched and searched for my running mate, but he was nowhere to be found.

On a dreary and rather depressing run the day after these tragic events unfolded, I spotted - what to my wondering eyes should appear! - a new tire! It was tossed outside someone's house like so much garbage. Can you imagine? I immediately called my friend Doug to help me pick up the thing. He drove over and helped me take it back to my place, where I fitted it with a rope. Now I have a new running friend: me and my tire.

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  1. Ha, the devil! At least you have a new friend now. Happy miles together!