Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to Badwater

Well, this is it, folks! The day I have been waiting for! Tomorrow I leave for Death Valley to pace/crew for Ken Posner in the 33rd annual Badwater Ultramarathon. I'm packing right now. Clothes are in the dryer. I feel nervous. At 5:45 tomorrow morning, I take off from the San Antonio airport and land in Las Vegas (with a layover in Houston). From Vegas, Ken and I and the rest of the crew will drive to Death Valley for the pre-race meeting. It is difficult to believe that tomorrow I will be in one of the hottest places on Earth. I am looking forward to seeing lots of amazing athletes there! People like Jamie Donaldson, Jack Denness, Charlie Engle, Marshall Ulrich, Jorge Pacheco, Amy Palmiero-Winters, and Pam Reed. These next few days are going to be quite the adventure for these, and all the other amazing athletes who are taking part in this extraordinary event. Each will face their own personal demons as they run 135 miles through the desert, in 125 degree temperatures, in a place where the pavement of the road gets so hot that they must run on the white line to keep the soles of their shoes from melting. They will travel across one of the most forbidding deserts on the planet, in a non-stop race for the finish atop Mount Whitney, five marathon distances away from the start. Here we go...

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