Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running with the tire

For a long time now, I have taken to running while dragging a tire behind me. I like this workout. People have asked me to take pictures of the set up I have going. The above picture captures the basic concept. All you need is rope and a tire. I cut a whole through the wall of the tire to run the rope through. Wrapping the rope around the tire won't work because the rope will cut away with the friction. It helps if you wear heavier clothing and put the rope around your waist over the clothing. That way you don't get rope burn! In the picture above, I'm wearing a winter jacket. Be aware of your form while running with the tire. Don't get too sloppy. Also, take plenty of liquids and gels with you on the runs (I like taking my hydration pack with me on these tire runs). Remember, you are burning more calories with the tire. The tire is most beneficial, I think, on hilly courses, strengthening your legs on the ups. Additionally, it lowers the chances of impact injury, obviously, because it slows you down. I try to hit a certain pace and try to maintain it for the entire workout, whether it is 5 miles or 10 miles or 15 miles. My average pace with the tire is about 10:53 min/mile. Go at a comfortable speed. Don't overexert yourself and get injured. But, feel free to experiment and have fun. Happy running!

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