Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting past the heat and humidity

“It's not the heat; it's the humidity.”

-Proverb quotes

I like the heat. Don't get me wrong. To want to do Badwater, I guess you sort of have to like heat. But, lately I've been feeling bogged down during my runs. I'm not going as fast, and it takes less effort to get my heart rate up high. Training in San Antonio, Texas, in the heat of the day takes its toll on you. But, I hate waking up early if I can avoid it. And night time running in my neighborhood just isn't that safe.

Now, I have moved back to Lubbock. I have been pretty sad about this move. First, my dad finally got to come home after spending two whole months in the hospital due to complications arising from diabetes. I was so happy to have him home, but so sad to have to leave that same week back to school. Then, two days before I am set to leave to school, I meet this incredible guy whom I would totally date. We had a wonderful time together. I felt really sad about having to say goodbye to him.

All things considered, I can't complain about my life. I'm not in a great deal of suffering. Good things are happening. But, nothing is good enough. There's always a catch. Nothing is perfect. That is life, I guess.

So back to the heat. I've been here in Lubbock for two whole days, feeling pretty down. And, I've been trying to be more positive. I've been trying to look for a way to make my circumstances better for myself. And today it finally happened. I went for a run in the late afternoon. It was breezy and cool and I was able to run long and fast. I realized it was the humidity that was slowing me down in San Antonio. If Lubbock can be praised for one thing, just one, it's the low humidity levels.

I know, it's not much. But, it's something that helps me see my situation in a different light. I'm gonna run with it. When you are going through tough times, you have to find something good about the situation and just go with it.

P.S.: My dad is doing very well, feisty as ever. And, yes, I am still keeping in touch with the sexy, smart, and fascinating guy I met.

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